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asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023


Since the dominant personality trait of Harley-Davidson® is the freedom to travel anywhere you want and whenever you want, the parade with the theme of “Let Freedom Roar” by a motorcade of the H.O.G.™ Riders and Friends of H.O.G.™ from the Legend Siam will be the best demonstration of brotherhood, friendship, and adventure that encourages the Asia Harley Days™ 2023 to be the bike festival of the year. A special I RODE MINE pin is waiting for you. The first 120 riders at the parade venue will be part of the H.O.G.™ logo formation as well. The parade on its ride will have a stopover for a CSR activity. Join the cause!

asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023


Participate in riding contests and witness our experts performing stunts and skills show.

asia harley days 2023


Place your signs, flags & banners, meet friends and spot your H.O.G.™ Chapters and MC Clubs names. Check heritage bikes on display.

Be a part of contests to bring glory to your H.O.G.™ Chapters and MC Clubs. We will award grand trophies to the Harley-Davidson® Dealers & Chapters with the highest participation from
   1) Thailand
   2) Rest of Asia Emerging Markets & India.
Also, an award is waiting for the MC club with highest participation.


Have you ever wondered what the seat of a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is like? How the engine vibrates in your entire body? And a breeze of wind blowing through your hair as you are riding a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle towards the horizon? Just bring a valid motorcycle license, register, choose your bike, and off you go. Experience it at the Test Ride Arena. Special benefits for you if you drop a lead or a booking for your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle.

asia harley days 2023

Siamstunt X Unlimitcontrol

Siamstunt and Unlimitcontrol, a dynamic duo in the world of bike stunts. The two incredibly talented teams bring adrenaline-pumping action and precision to every performance. Get ready to be amazed by their fearless maneuvers and unmatched skills on two wheels

Slow Racing and Gymkhana

“Be ready to show your skills at the Gymkhana”


asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023


Customization is one of the unique ways riders celebrate their individuality. The competition focuses on redefining performance through the customization expertise of Harley-Davidson® Owners.
This year, the showcase of the most beautiful and spectacular custom bikes in all shapes, colors, and creations is ready for your sight at the festival area of Asia Harley Days™ 2023, Thailand. Vote and make the champions.

Custom Kings contest will be held at the festival in the following categories, only for Harley-Davidson motorcycles:
a. Grand American Touring
b. Adventure Touring
c. Cruisers
d. Sport
The interested participants must send in the entries to HOG-AP HOG - AP by 10ᵗʰ October with images of their motorcycle(s) from all 4 sides, with name of the bike, name of the model, model year, fit for riding status (yes/no). The shortlisted participants will be informed by us and would be required to bring their motorcycles for display at the festival. One King of the Kings winner will also be awarded along with category winners.

asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023


Spot the Fashion booth and participate in interesting games & contests and win prizes at the grand stage.

  • AHD Fashion Icon (best dressed in Harley-Davidson® attires)

  • Wear Your Patches (the greatest number of patches on your riding jackets/vest)

  • Best Tattoo

  • Best Beard

  • Fashion Show (Shortlisted participants from AHD Fashion Icon)


Be part of the official Asia Harley Days Award Ceremony and cheer for your fellow riders. You never know you could be on the stage receiving one for yourself.

Stay tuned for more information.

asia harley days 2023


asia harley days 2023

Legend Siam – Theme Park

Legend Siam, meaning the land of Thai civilization, is Thailand’s first and largest Thai Cultural Theme Park. As a top destination in Pattaya not to be missed, the park proudly showcases the country’s legends and civilization in different periods, and local identities and wisdom of 77 provinces nationwide to the world through art, culture, tradition, beliefs, ways of life, products, food, plays, and performances. The entrance boasts of sacred statues well known for Wealth and Fortune.
The venue has also hosted the popular Rolling Loud International Hip-Hop Festival.

asia harley days 2023

Sweet Lover Café
egend Siam

Welcome to Sweet Lover Café at Legend Siam! Discover the perfect relax space, coffee with delightful pastries from our bakery. And if you're looking for a refreshing sip, explore our selection of soft drinks. Your delightful coffee break awaits!

asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023

Let’s get to know about PATTAYA District
where The Asia Harley Days™ 2023 will be held on 28ᵗʰ October 2023:

Pattaya is a city on Thailand's eastern Gulf coast known for its beaches. A quiet fishing village as recently as the 1960s, it's now lined with it’s now lined up with resorts and hotels, high-rise condos, shopping malls, bars and 24-hour clubs. Nearby, hillside Wat Phra Yai Temple features an 18m-tall golden Buddha. The area also features several designer golf courses, some with views of Pattaya Bay.

asia harley days 2023


Explore Thailand's impressive wooden religious shrine and monument.


Visit this beautiful and award-winning garden showcasing an  impressive range of plants and landscaping. Make sure to catch the amazing elephant show and Thai cultural show  while in Nong Nooch.

asia harley days 2023
asia harley days 2023


Trick and be tricked in Thailand's first optical illusion gallery.

Experience the 10 3D galleries with paintings that you can step inside,

strike a pose and take pictures with!

There are no boundaries - the gallery is fully interactive.

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